Building brand reputation is OSEVEN's vital goal. We always understand that goal and are aware of acting in the right way every day. With the reputation that we have built over the years, we are always conscious of the current results are not enough and we always want to continue to improve further to create a solid trust for our customers, not only customers have trusted us over the years but also new customers in the future, aiming to continue to develop sustainably. 

We do the business for profit to develop but are not forced to profit under any circumstance. We define a value higher than profit, which is to create value from the highest quality, a prestigious brand name for all partners, all customers, and all projects.

Currently, Vietnam is facing many challenges, difficulties, and competitive pressures in the process of integrating with the region and worldwide. We clearly define that we cannot go alone on the journey to the destination, but we always need active partners as companions to work together towards sustainable success.

Along with the goals and expectations ahead, we will always be ready to make the best of our commitments to create success together with all partners and all customers in the long future.

Nguyễn Thanh Phong

Chairman, CEO