Paint is a material that can be touched daily and also is a factor that affects the living atmosphere. But you may not knowed that the atmosphere is not always fresh, when low-quality paints and toxic chemicals from solvents are a threat to you and your family health.

Did you know that the toxic substances contained in paint with high index can bring the risk of diseases related to respiratory, cardiovascular, skin and even cancer for users.

But despite knowing about harms and reality of low-quality paints in the market, there are still many subjective people continue to use. For a smart consumer, choosing a quality paint is very important. It is not only to bring the beauty to your furniture, but also to protect the health of your family.

And, OSEVEN THINNER is definitely a product that deserves to be attended and selected because of its outstanding characteristics such as mild odor, safe for users and friendly to environment. Besides, the quality of paint is also preferred when it has good solubility, can increase the surface tension and durability of paint.

With OSEVEN,we always put quality and healthy as our motto. With a 10-years warranty standard for OSEVEN product as an affirmation by action instead of words about quality and safety.