Non-toxic wood paints


Wood paint: 

  • Premium interior wood paint
  • Premium exterior wood paint
  • Premium thinner
  • Beautiful wood colors 


Founded in 1999, the OSEVEN brand not only win great trust from clients but also achieves significant success in factory operation safety, environment protection, business efficiency, product quality assurance with international standards. Over a long-time of great efforts of the entire Board of Directors and staffs, OSEVEN has gained achievements and deserved titles as followings:

European Gold Quality 2008

Awarded by Global Trade Leader’s Club in Madrid City - Spain on November 2008. OSEVEN was honored to be the first wood paint producer in Vietnam to receive this prestigious award.

OSEVEN has always been always been performing its value and identity of a leading brand in the wood paint market.

 Established since 1999, OSEVEN has always been performing its value and identity of a leading brand in the market for its top quality, and has been the highest option for 5 star buildings, villas, houses, and high class construction projects in within the country and the region. Until now, the OSEVEN Corporation has more than 2.500 distributors and retailers, 7 branches, 1 major factory operating efficiently and professionally. We occupy 45% of the domestic paint market with average growth rate of 30%/year.

In the plan for the next development stage, OSEVEN will continue to extend the production scale, focus to invest in quality value, improve the co-operation, prioritize on exploiting its available strengths and core capacities, and gradually complete the production and service system.

With the distribution system widespread nationwide, OSEVEN can easily meet the clients’ need in the whole country. We focus on an express and free delivery system, which makes our customers the highest convenience and satisfaction.

OSEVEN wood paint factory with the total area of 35.000 square meters is equipped with modern technology and machineries from Japan, operated by highly skillful, active and enthusiastic staffs, led by experienced leaders. All these together create a unity, generating great success and prestige for OSEVEN.

With the mission: “Bring a perfect living space for all homes and buildings”, the quality improvement and service perfection is the goal that we are striving each day.

The time from 2008 by now is considered to be the most difficult period for the last 20 years. The Vietnamese economy has experienced lots of unpredictable problems with macro-economy instability, inflation, high interest rate, the devaluation of Vietnam Dong, the freeze of real estate market, the fierce fluctuation of gold price, and the speedy slipping of the stock market… These crisis has directly impacted to the operation and business of thousands of Vietnamese companies, where OSEVEN Corporation is not the exemption. Due to our focus on product quality and customer care services, the company not only stands firmly against those challenges, but also achieves positive results in our manufacturing, trading, and investment activities.

With step by step development, OSEVEN always maintain the production growth target of 30%/year, established more than 1.500 retail points in a short time. This fact has proved that the OSEVEN wood paint is always the choice No. 1 of the consumers.